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by Kimberly Manning of Integrative Living Design

Kimberly Manning of Integrative Living Design


Many clients desire more abundance. That’s often the primary goal of our work together. Here’s one of the most important caveats: the outer is a representation of the inner. Want something to manifest in the physical world? You’ve got to change your inside game. Here are some tips on how to create abundance via your environment.

A desire for more abundance is probably the Number 2 reason that clients hire me for integrative design consultations. Abundance means different things for different people. It can be a bigger paycheck, finer things like a house, a car, a wardrobe. It may mean more time. Wealth is health, great relationships, money in the bank.

Here are some ideas to help you create more in your life.

In traditional Feng Shui physical spaces are divided into sectors that relate to aspects of our lives. Where’s the Wealth sector? If you’re facing a space, the Wealth sector is the back left quadrant.

Take a peek at what’s going on in the back left quadrant of your home. Is there a lot of clutter? Is it stark? A big mess or a lot of nothing are challenging in the Wealth sector. Straighten things up, add a little life and color and watch things in your outer world change for the better.

Now for your inside game. What’s the frequency that you operate on most of the time? Like a radio signal, our mental patterns are attractive. Are you radiating thoughts of abundance or are you in constant fear of not having enough time, money, love, etc.?

It may be hard to hold thoughts of abundance when you’re staring a big financial problem in the face. However, you’re alive. The average person takes about 28,800 breaths a day. That’s abundant. The world provides beautiful flowers, sunrises, sunsets, oceans. Find something to feel good about. Hold that frequency of appreciation.

With an attitude of gratitude your outer world will change.

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