A warm water Aquatic Body Therapy, pool opened this month in Coopersburg! This therapy is also known as Watsu.

Simply being in warm water has long been known to relieve pain and reduce stress. Now, in addition to the benefits of simply being in the water, there is a healing modality that is similar to a massage performed by a practitioner in the water. The client lays on their back in the water with floats on their legs to keep them buoyant while their head is supported by the practitioner.

The client is then free to let go of all muscle tension while the practitioner takes them through a series of movements, stretches and pressure point massage.

Every muscle and joint is soothed during this process and the mind is transported to a place of tranquility. This service has benefits for anyone with chronic pain, expectant mothers, anyone with stress or anxiety, veterans with PTSD.

There is one other certified practitioner, under the governing board called WABA, Julie Angel, who works out of her pool in Chestnut Hill.