Article by Lisa Drew, Local Wellness Expert

Old Glory -- Photo by Terree Yeagle

Summer is here! Kids are hopefully outside playing, riding their bikes, playing sports, etc. Farmer’s Markets are open all over the United States. Vacation’s to the beach and/or mountains is a time of escape. There is something tranquil about listening to the oceans waves or sitting by a campfire by the lake. The smell of BBQ’s, making Smores, eating watermelon, and having cocktails with friends and family is as American as it gets. As we get closer to July 4th, the American flag flies high on each porch. A sense of pride and unity seems to spread far and wide! It’s so much more than a day off and fireworks capping off the evening. This day is a day of celebration, shared memories, and the respect for our troops currently serving and our veteran’s who have served. Remember this feeling of pride, unity and respect. Carry it with you every day. Let yourself mentally escape to your favorite places. This will help you in daily living. Take a moment to de-stress, picture your happy place, and take a deep breath in, release, repeat. Do this several times a day; especially when you start feeling overwhelmed! Enjoy the freshness that summer offers! Get outside and play! Eat healthy yet delicious foods that Mother Earth provides for you. Slow down and take time for you!

Some foods to take with you on a picnic, to a party or BBQ:

Enjoy yourself and the company you are with! 

Make a pasta salad with quinoa noodles such as Ancient Harvest. Load it with fresh vegetables like carrots, red-green-orange-yellow peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower, red onion, sundried tomatoes, stir in Newman’s Own Family Italian Recipe dressing!

Grill up vegetable kebobs ahead of time to bring with you. Use any variety like mushrooms, red onion, cherry tomatoes, red or green peppers

Make a red, white and blue trifle for dessert; using organic strawberries, blueberries, cut up angel food cake or pound cake and fresh whipped cream; layer in a trifle bowl. Top with dark chocolate shavings

Have a healthy, fun, happy, enjoyable July 4th & Summer 2012!

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