By Carol Cheshire

Before and after microblading

Before and after microblading

For centuries women have sought ways to create the perfect eyebrows. Using every tool from plucking, waxing and shaving to applying product, women have relentlessly poked and prodded brows into their ideal shape.

The latest method of achieving effortlessly beautiful brows is a procedure called Microblading.

Microblading is similar to tattooing in that pigment is implanted under the skin to create a lasting impression.

What makes Microblading unique is that a hand tool and blade is used to implant the pigment. As a result, fine hair-like strokes, which look very natural, can be achieved.

Some women have sparse eyebrows because they have over-plucked. Others have lost brow hair through the aging process. Others suffer hair loss from Alopecia, Trichotillomania (an impulse control disorder). Chemotherapy can cause hair loss as well.

In all of these situations, Microblading can be helpful in restoring the appearance of natural, full brows.

This procedure takes specialized training and practice to become adept at knowing how to choose the best color pigment, and how to produce the most flattering shape for each woman’s face. Learning to use and abide by the principles of Universal Precautions, as defined by OSHA, is vital to ensure the safety of the client.

The average cost is around $500-600. The procedure is done in two phases: the initial application, then a follow-up a month later to perfect the strokes.

Topical analgesic products are used to effectively minimize discomfort during the procedure.

Now women, regardless of their age or brow imperfections, can put down their tools and enjoy the confidence and liberation of effortlessly beautiful eyebrows!

Carol Cheshire, of Always Pretty Salon and Spa in Coopersburg, offers this cutting-edge service. She has sixteen years of experience enhancing women’s features with Permanent Makeup.