Happenings Media Partners With Pulse

We are pleased to announce that our partner company, HAPPENINGS MEDIA, has teamed with Pulse, one of the most fun & interactive magazine readers made for mobile devices.  

A few short days ago, Pulse launched Local, a brand new category providing a simple and effective way to discover what’s happening around you. With everything from breaking news, sports, food and deals, Pulse Local will always keep you in the know – making your Pulse experience much more personal. Head to the Local section in the Pulse Catalog to check it out!

With Pulse Local, you can explore your favorite local news sites, magazines and newspapers. Keep up with news, events, beautiful photos and videos around town and learn about your local businesses.

Here’s how to get local sources straight to your Pulse:

Download the Pulse App from your device’s App Store

Tap the + button to head to the Pulse Catalog on your device

Swipe to the Local category and allow Pulse to use your location

Browse the best local sources nearby (Lehigh Happening) and add to your Pulse!