Fall into Autumn

Photo by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography By Lisa Drew - Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer Wellness Coach   Labor Day came and went! Cooler weather will be setting in soon. Heartier foods will be in season, such as pumpkin, squash of all varieties, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, citrus and much more. Eating whole foods from the [...]

Fitness Tip of the Month: XLR8 Results with a Full Range of Motion Workout

Regretting all of those heavy meals over summer vacation? Getting motivated to work out doesn’t come easily. Sure, a long run through Cedar Creek or Trexler Park followed by some weight lifting and crunches will keep you fit, but the reality is – there’s not always time to do a full blown workout four days [...]

Wanting More? Increase your abundance

  Want More? by Kimberly Manning of Integrative Living Design   Many clients desire more abundance. That’s often the primary goal of our work together. Here’s one of the most important caveats: the outer is a representation of the inner. Want something to manifest in the physical world? You’ve got to change your [...]