Making small changes in the ways you take care of yourself can add up to tremendous benefits and a healthier you in the year to come! Here are a few tips on improving body, hair, skin and general well being from nearby experts.  Check them out for a wealth of healthful information.  

Healthy Skin  

Exfoliating your skin is important year around. However, during the winter months this is crucial to maintain healthy skin. You can see the difference when skin is properly exfoliated.  It will not look dry, scaly and flaky. Yes, you can over exfoliate your skin. Over exfoliation can result in stripping your skin of its natural oils resulting in over drying.

I recommend exfoliating your body at least 4 times a week. Choose a body scrub with a grainy texture so that when you rub it onto your body, dead skin cells are removed. Look for scrubs that contain “polishing” ingredients, such as oatmeal, ground almonds, sugar and sea salt.

Submitted by Karen Sedler,    Advanced Aesthetics of PA

Healthy Hair

Since people are living healthier and holistic lives this day and age, using organic hair color is a definite plus.  It keeps hair looking healthy and shiny.  An added benefit for both client and stylist  organic products have virtually no odor, so receiving the color service is more pleasant.  Hair can become dehydrated in cold winter months so it is important to use a color safe hydrating shampoo.  Using a deep conditioning treatment once a week for twenty minutes can also help keep hair beautiful throughout the winter months.

Submitted by Nina Tulio,   Anthony Ashley Hair Design, LLC   

Healthy Body

Besides muscle toning and creating flexibility, yoga is a means to achieving and maintaining overall health. An artform created hundreds of years ago, modern day people practice yoga to reduce stress, calm racing thoughts, gain focus, increase energy and create balance in their lives that they can live a better life.

Submitted by Stephanie McDavis,    Elevation Yoga Studio

Healthier Weight, Healthier Diet

Last year I lost 100 pounds through diet and exercise.  That’s the easy answer.  Specifically I began with 6x/week gym workouts, including strength training,  cardio,  personal trainer, weight lifting, free weights and machines.  Though working out steadily I did not really start to lose weight until I altered my diet.  I eliminated most sugars and simple carbs with most calories coming from lean proteins like chicken, fish, some lean red meat, complex carbs like steel cut oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, green vegetables, some healthy fats like almonds and extra virgin olive oil.  I have developed a love of Ezekial Bread, a flourless whole grain substitute for regular bread.  I love sandwiches so Ezekail Bread works!  I eat 6-7 meals per day with no carbs after 4 in the afternoon.  I never count calories.

Family functions and restaurants are difficult so I take my own food to many gatherings so I can avoid white bread and processed meats like hot dogs.  Eating healthy can be expensive too so I look for sales and shop at Sam’s Club often.

Having a goal to focus on has helped me stay the course.  I became a competitive body builder which motivates me to wake early for gym workouts and continue eating healthy.  Getting positive feedback also keeps me on track.  I ran into a women I’ve known for 16 years, she sat next to me at an event.  She turned to me and introduced herself.  It was funny, but also pretty flattering.

Submitted by John Toner, Turning Point of Lehigh Valley

Black and White Image of the Lotus Flower by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography