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Keeping Exercise fun, the international mobile kids fitness program, Let’s Play Today is  offered in Daycares, Preschools, and Fitness Facilities for kids ages 16 months through sixth grade. 

 Blending imagination, games, yoga, and music Let’s Play Today inspires children to enjoy themselves while exercising. Yvonne Kusters, resident of Bucks County and  founder of Let’s Play Today, wants every child leave a class feeling happy and confident.  Yvonne fondly recalls her days  growing up  and playing outside in her backyard and neighborhood, most days until it was dark, unlike our society nowadays with kids spending more time on computers and video games and less time outdoors.  She talks of the struggles in America with childhood obesity and hopes that through bringing a joyful sense of play and healthy movement to kids while they are young, will build good health habits that will continue as they grow and increase the overall health and well-being of the population.

Another aspect of Let’s Play today is the training program for individuals considering becoming a Kids Fitness Professional.  This comprehensive training program promises to provide everything needed to start a Kids Fitness Business including a teaching manual, lesson plans, video clips, and coaching calls and marketing materials. To learn more about see Training Fitness Professionals.

The Let’s Play Today website offers complete information on how to have one of their trained professionals teach at your Gym, Preschool, or Fitness Center plus having a Let’s Play Workshop at your location.  Go Go Go, is the debut musical album  with original songs performed by Lolly Hopwood and The Let’s Play Today Bunch!


Fun, music, movement, silliness, exercise, blowing bubbles, games, ….”these are the ingredients we all need to be eating a little more of.” Yvonne Kusters

January 21st at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia you can see and get moving with Lolly Hopwood and The Let’s Play Today Bunch at their 11:30 show. Tickets are $7 for Children and $10 for Adults and can be purchased online here.