mc-pennsylvania-153rd-regiment-pictures-005Williams Township and the Civil War,” will be presented on April 3, 3 pm, at the Spring meeting of the Williams Township Historical Society at St. John’s Church of Morgan Hill, 2720 Morgan Hill Rd., Easton.

Kathy and Neil Coddington, veteran Civil War reenactors, will present a program that includes other members of the 153rd Volunteer Pennsylvania Regiment. The two have amassed many historical references, personal anecdotes, military customs, and home front activities that supported the military during this long and bloody war between the states, 1861-1865.

Neil will display artifacts used by Union soldiers and talk about both Union and Confederate fighting behaviors. Kathy has researched the medical services supplied by the early nurses. She’ll show what the women who supported the troops did. The group will talk about men from Company F, the Williams Township volunteer company.

For information or directions, call 610 253 8951.