Food in the Lehigh Valley is plentiful thanks to a number of different bright entrepreneurs who have a love of dining and drink. This area, well known for its mountains and long history of coal mining, welcomes plenty of visitors year round, and expects every visitor to leave with a full belly and happy heart. If you ever find yourself heading through the Lehigh Valley, make sure you stop for lunch after you’ve absorbed the stunning scenery and taken a few pictures. Luckily, there are a number of wonderful places to relax and enjoy a break from any type of traveling.

Breweries Abound in the Lehigh Valley

This area is great for brewing some of America’s best beers. The Allentown Brew Works and the Braveheart Highland Pub happily share space in the Lehigh Valley, partially due to their separate themes. The Allentown Brew Works is located in downtown Allentown while the Braveheart Highland Pub is in Hellertown, Pennsylvania.

allentown brew worksArrive to downtown Allentown and notice its angle – it is unique among the Lehigh Valley cities because its streets run noticeably uphill. The terrain gives way for an interesting, beautiful street design and the view is simply breathtaking. After you take it all in and stretch your legs, head over to the Allentown Brew Works for a nice hops draft and food break. The brewpub was established in 2007 and includes an outdoor seating area, but you will still be too far North to enjoy being outdoors for your holiday lunch break. Don’t worry, though, with 400 seats, there’s enough to go around. Be sure to sample some of the local hops and ales on tap while enjoying from a variety of lunch dishes. Priding itself on its sustainable practices, this pub is a place you can feel good about visiting, whether you’re coming to stay or just passing through, perhaps to catch an exciting holiday food and wine cruise on one of the docks south of Philadelphia.

Braveheart Highland Pub logoThe Braveheart Highland Pub boasts its uniqueness to the Lehigh Valley – it is the only authentic Scottish pub in the area. If you’re searching for a little culture before you land on your first cruise destination, you should certainly seek out this pub. The alcohol choices are as great as the regional foods, with American food sitting happily next to Celtic and Scottish dishes. The pub is cozy with limited seating, but it is open seven days a week so you’ll be able to grab a bite no matter when you are passing through this mountainous, beautiful area. The staff are friendly and the regulars are waiting to meet you. With a tagline such as, “Come as strangers, leave as friends”, is it any wonder everyone is so friendly?

Enjoy a Grill or Historic Delight

Perhaps the grill is more to your delight, especially as it gets cold in the mountains of Pennsylvania. With the mountains, however, comes a history that far surpasses many other areas of the country, especially as Pennsylvania is renowned for helping in American’s humble beginnings. Find both in two separate, astounding restaurants here in the Lehigh Valley.

Blue GrillhouseHead over to the Blue GrillHouse in Bethlehem to combine high class with juicy steaks. This steakhouse rightfully boasts some of Pennsylvania’s most stunning décor. Green plants, deep blue leather seating, unique picture frames, and browns layered next to yellow reflective surfaces give the eye a delight while the mouth takes in the delight of the full grill house menu. This steakhouse aims to be hip, and it hits the mark at every turn.

Benner streetHistory buffs will want to seek out the Benner Street Restaurant in Bethlehem, even if it is out of the way between home and cruise ship. This restaurant rests in a home built in 1894, and it is only one of 260 homes built in this year still existing in Bethlehem. Anyone with a love of history will rejoice in that fact alone. Furthermore, the restaurant lies near an old Indian Trail, deepening the mystery and ambiance of this restaurant and bar. The history can be felt as you approach the building. Finish off the experience with some amazing seafood, chicken or pork dishes, and take it all in as you breathe in years of American roots.

Be sure to stop and see us in the Lehigh Valley – we will make your break from home  memorable, and we hope to see you again! Enjoy!