Pure Sprouts is the Lehigh Valley's answer to buying organic and local produce and grocery items and delivering them right to your door.

Pure Sprouts makes healthy dining even easier with pre-planned,  pre-portioned, home-delivered ingredients

Pure Sprouts, Lehigh Valley’s own local and organic grocery delivery service, has launched a new offering for its customers: carefully curated organic meal kits using fresh and local ingredients, delivered directly to customers’ doorsteps. The Pure Sprouts meal kits save customers time and minimize waste by portioning out everything needed to make a healthy, organic meal.

“Our customers already love the convenience of home-delivered, organic and local products,” says Lori Stansberry, the founder and owner of Pure Sprouts. “We’re kicking it up a notch by simplifying meal prep and packaging everything customers need in one handy kit.”

The meal kit will have enough ingredients to make three recipes to feed 2 to 4 people -perfect for an everyday family meal or for special dinner parties. Customers can choose the recipe and the number of guests – Pure Sprouts does the rest. Each dinner kit can be made in 45 minutes or less with meals costing about $10 per person per meal for omnivorous recipes and about $9 per person per meal for vegetarian options.

Customers can choose from six different meals every week, designed by local chefs who have the home cook in mind. Offerings include both vegetarian and omnivorous options like stuffed chicken breast with roasted vegetable couscous, tofu or turkey stir fries, black bean burgers with oven fries, Italian sausage soup with garlic toasts and chunky vegetable soup with cheesy toasts.

Each kit includes:

• Perfectly portioned, organic or local ingredients needed to make each meal
• An 8×11 recipe card with detailed instructions and 8 pictures of the process (or a digital, paperless recipe card option that simply requires access to a blog)
• Compact box delivered to customer’s home
• Customer support via personal email, offered by the chefs who designed and tested the recipes

“The cooking techniques are easy to follow,” says Kelly Cartledge, lead recipe designer. “Plus, when a recipe calls for an ingredient you don’t use very often, say Sriracha sauce, you don’t have to buy a whole bottle that you may never finish- we portion out all the ingredients for you so that there is no waste.”

Pure Sprouts ships meal kits personally for every order. They have their own drivers who deliver straight to customers, which means less storage time and fresher ingredients – a direct line from supplier to customer. The Pure Sprouts customer is not only health conscious but eco-conscious as well, so they pay special attention to sustainable practices.

“We’ve noticed services like this popping up throughout the country in major metropolitan areas,” says Stansberry. “Not only is Pure Sprouts bringing this kind of service to the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia areas, but we are also differentiating ourselves by only using organic and local ingredients – something more and more people are paying attention to and their buying habits are following suit.”

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