With another school year in full swing, every parent fears the common germs and colds that their children bring home from the classroom. What they may not be expecting is head lice. According to KidsHealth.org, a head louse is a tiny, parasitic insect that lives among human hair and feeds on extremely small amounts of blood drawn from the scalp.

Lice aren’t dangerous and they don’t spread disease, but they are annoying and uncomfortable for your child to deal with. Know what to look for:

  • Examine the scalp. Although very small, lice can be spotted with your eyes. Lice eggs(nits) are tiny yellow, tan, and brown dots before they hatch. Part your child’s hair with a comb and examine the scalp in different sections. Lice lay eggs close to the scalp, where the temperature keeps them warm until they hatch. After they are hatched, it almost appears as if your child has dandruff that cannot be removed.
  • Be aware of scratching. The amount of scratching depends on how sensitive your child’s skin may be. It is a tickling feeling of something moving in their hair. It can sometimes take weeks for kids to start scratching and feeling irritated by the lice. For some children, sores or a rash may develop from the irritation to the skin.
  • Check for swollen lymph nodes. Lice hide out at the back of the head, behind ears, and near the neckline as well. The saliva in lice can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Responding to the infection, lymph nodes behind the ears and neck can become swollen and tender.

Prevent the spread of head lice by not sharing brushes or clothes. Wash all sheets, bedding, clothes, hats, and get rid of any combs they may have been used. Anyone who comes in close contact with someone who has head lice, or their contaminated clothing, is at risk.

Lice are highly contagious and spread quickly from person to person in group settings. Over the counter lice products usually kill lice and nits, but it may take days for the itching to stop. Don’t wait to get it checked out if you think you are child is carrying lice.

For help with your child’s lice removal, contact the Lehigh Valley head lice removal experts at Lice Lifters today at (610) 443-1462. Lice Lifters is located at 613 Second Street, Catasauqua PA 18032.


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