Frites LogoThe World’s Most Perfect French Fries Coming To Lehigh Valley 
New Restaurant Concept, Frites to Open Flagship Location in Lehigh Valley 

Frites, the restaurant quickly becoming known for its all-natural, creatively delicious twice-fried French fries, will make its grand debut on Monday, March 23, 2015. The restaurant will open within the Lehigh Valley Mall in Whitehall, PA.

Inspired by his childhood years living in Belgium, the restaurant’s Founder and CEO Richard Scott, yearned for a restaurant that offered his favorite Pommes Frites treat as the menu’s center attraction. Ready for a new adventure, Scott left his corporate background behind to spark a change in the fast-casual restaurant industry and open his first restaurant locally in the Lehigh Valley.

“No upscale Belgian French fry concept like this has ever been done, especially locally,” said Scott. “By paying homage to the classic Pommes Frites and serving both a premium product and experience, we believe the people of Lehigh Valley and beyond will love our unique restaurant concept.”

After practicing his twice-fried, French fry technique until he settled on the perfect method, Scott crafted an extensive menu focusing on gluten-free French fries prepared from the finest U.S. grown Russet potatoes. Diners can enjoy their frites three ways, either in a cone with a choice of 17 custom-crafted dipping sauces, in a bowl piled high with a myriad of fresh toppings, or as a Frita in warm pita bread with fresh sauces and toppings. From Sauce Andalouse to Pineapple Habañero, Poutine with Bacon to Barbecue Brisket, or Layered Chili to Buffalo Chicken, there’s no shortage of options. All fries are cooked-to-order and those with dietary restrictions are encouraged to try the restaurant’s vegan and vegetarian-friendly meals, toppings and dipping sauces.

Diners will be able to enjoy their Pommes Frites within the restaurant’s modern aesthetic setting; complete with custom tables perfectly designed to house their cone-shaped treat.

About Frites
Frites is a restaurant concept committed to delivering incredible eating experiences with the world’s most perfect French fries that are never relegated to side dish status. Founded in 2014 by CEO Richard Scott, the brand launched in 2015, opening its flagship location within the Lehigh Valley Mall. Inspired by the world famous Belgian Pommes Frites, Frites specializes in serving fresh, hand-cut, twice-cooked French fries prepared from the finest U.S. grown Russet potatoes that are cooked-to-order with customers’ choice of fresh toppings and / or 17 custom-crafted dipping sauces. Serving a premium product and dining experience that keeps customers coming back for more, Frites is located at 823 Lehigh Lifestyle Center in Whitehall, PA within the Lehigh Valley Mall. To learn more, please visit