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2015 HAPPENING LIST WINNER:  Retail: Jeweler

We started in 1972 as Lochs, helping clients worldwide obtain uncut and cut gemstones. In 1984 we opened our jewelry store in downtown Emmaus continuing the tradition of helping our clients celebrate the special moments in their lives with a quality piece of jewelry and eventually expanded and moved to our present location in Allentown in 2003.

Eric J. Loch Diamonds & Fine Jewelry specializes in engagement rings and other Diamond jewelry featuring diamonds hand selected in Antwerp, Belgium by our Certified Diamond Grader. Each diamond over 1/2ct. is graded to standards exceeding those used by outside labs such as GIA, AGS, and HRD. More importantly our diamonds are graded for light performance which is a more accurate measurement of how the diamond cutter transformed the rough crystal into a scintillating ball of fire. Light performance is the most important factor affecting a diamonds beauty and value.

We value knowledge and integrity which assures you that your diamond has been accurately graded and evaluated by the Lehigh Valley region’s only Certified Diamond Grader, and Master IJO Jeweler working in the only Certified Gem Lab in the region. Unlike the outside labs, we stand behind our grading 100%. When you read their fine print, you will see that they take no liability for their grading; that has never been good enough for us at Eric J. Loch Diamonds & Fine Jewelry.

For more info please visit our website at LochsJewelers.com