mixsell-house-2Chocolate! Flowers! Valentines! What says romance more than these? Tour the 1833 Mixsell House to learn the story of chocolate in the 19th century and the romantic language of flowers as you peruse a collection of period valentines and learn some fascinating facts about courtship in the Victorian Era. Josh Early Candies is partnering with NCHGS to provide tasty sweets for visitors. Complete your visit by making a chocolate valentine to take home.

bachmann1Visit the 1753 Bachmann Publick House to taste the drink served in taverns and social gatherings that was both more patriotic and more popular in the 18th century than coffee or tea. Learn about the courtship customs that would blossom into the sentimental traditions of love and romance of the next century.

Saturday, February 13, 11 am–3 pm and Sunday, February 14, 12—4 pm.
Mixsell House and Textile Museum, 4th and Ferry Sts. Easton PA
Bachmann Publick House, Corner of 2nd and Northampton Sts. Easton PA