Create a magical dining setting in your backyard. Table and Pergola designed and built by John Yeagle, The Artful Home

Table for 12 please, under the Pergola!

Are you spending more time at home these days and looking for a way to step up the backyard experience? Enjoy the feel of a community style dining and want to create that in your own outdoor space? Consider having a Custom Pergola designed and built by The Artful Home.  John Yeagle, owner & contractor will listen to your needs and desires and create a structure that is perfect for your outdoor living experience.

To go underneath your Pergola John builds very long wooden dining tables inspired by his wife’s love of the farm to table dining experience! My wife loves to entertain, and I do as well. We wanted to have all our guests seated together at one table.  It’s a communal experience that encourages more inclusive conversations.  Everyone loves it, a big table just makes you feel part of something special! After the rave reviews by family and friends we were encouraged to offer custom wooden tables and Pergola structures to our homeowner clients.   The great thing is it offers a backyard alternative to a deck or patio and can be used in Spring, Summer, & Fall, making gathering times even more special!


Interested in seeing what John can build for you? Give him a call or send a message and he’ll be happy to suggest the possibilities to improve your outdoor backyard experience!





Flowers fresh picked from the garden adorn the table!

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Photos by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography