“Be Like a Duck” Women’s Business Forum Founding Member Shares the Secret to Her Success

Healer, speaker and now author Cheyenne Mease announces the release of her book Clarity, Wisdom Harmony, a collection of bite-size essays to help anyone who feels stuck, sad or overwhelmed by life.

In one essay she uses the analogy “Be Like a Duck”, in it, Mease advocates letting hurtful words “roll off your back” like a duck.  In other words, you get to choose how you feel.

In another essay on curing overwhelm, Cheyenne likens your “to do” list to “Sorting the Laundry”.  Make your list and sort it according to like items so it’s organized.

“As Your Tea Steeps”

Unlike many books crowding the non-fiction shelves that hammer on one point for 225 pages, Mease makes many points in her essays.  Averaging two pages,  you can read one literally as “your tea steeps” and come away with something useful.

“My goal in writing the book was to share the tools I’ve been using with clients for over 20 years in an accessible way. “

Helping Those in Transition

Working as an Intuitive Life Advisor and healer, Mease helps people in transition.  From illness to divorce to end of life, she uses her healing gifts to ease emotional and physical pain.

Her clients range from children to the elderly.  She’s worked with patients at the University of Pennsylvania and by phone.  She helped a 16 year old with 6 brain tumors and she’s helped the elderly through end of life issues.

In fact, her healing gifts extend to people suffering from common afflictions as feeling “stuck” or overwhelmed in today’s busy world which many of the essays in the book address.

The title comes from Mease’s beliefs.  “I believe when you have clarity, you have wisdom and when you have wisdom, you have harmony.”

Delighted with its success, she’s into her second printing.

“One person bought 14 copies!”

Mease says it appeals to people of all ages.  One client told Mease her 5th grade son had taken it to his room to read.

The timeless and empowering messages in these essays touch everyone.

Yet it’s never an easy task to birth a book.

The Women’s Business Forum (WBF) Played a Role

Mease credits the support of The Women’s Business Forum (WBF) of Bucks County with helping it come to fruition.

“Without WBF support, I would have thrown in the towel.”

Now,   “I have people.”

From the cover design and photograph to the editing, WBF members helped Mease craft her book.

With the exception of Dr. Bernie Siegel who wrote the forward, everyone connected with it is someone she knows through the networking group.

The WBF celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year.

Mease says she joined the group 9 years ago when the group was just beginning and Graphic Designer Chanin Milzanik invited Mease to be a founding member.

At the time, Mease had released a Guided Relaxation CD and was looking for a way to market them.  The WBF gave her a way to meet other women and find an audience for her CD.

Mease’s book is sold through the Doylestown Bookstore, The Little Farm Store www.TheLittleFarmStore.com, and other local businesses plus the usual outlets like Amazon.

Mease can be reached through www.CheyenneMease.com and you can learn more about the WBF including monthly meetings at http://www.womensbusinessforum.org.

[box] Book Signing Clarity Wisdom Harmony by Cheyenne Mease Saturday, May 12th, 1-3pm Cheyenne signs her book Clarity Wisdom Harmony: Simple and Concise Tools for Living, which provides clear and simple strategies to assist the reader in dealing with life’s challenges and living in the “now” with joy. http://shop.moravianbookshop.com/index.htm    [/box]