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Green Hills Direct Family Care is excited to announce our transition to a new model of Primary Care.  As of January 4, 2016, we will become a Direct Primary Care (DPC) office. This new model will no longer accept insurance.  The excessive regulatory burdens, quality programs, unnecessary pre-authorizations/denials for your health care coupled with skyrocketing costs has led me to this decision. All of these factors are interfering with my ability to continue to practice medicine the way in which I was taught.  A Family Doctor needs to be thorough, comprehensive and have TIME.  With the current system, there is less and less time.  And although we have rated on top in the quality programs with the insurers year after year, the effort now needs to be put back toward the patient and not the insurance companies’ regulations.   I am not alone; this model has a large, successful presence across all 50 states and continues to grow every week. The success is in the improved service we will be providing to our patients. This includes:

* NO copays, NO coinsurance, NO deductibles
* Every service provided in the office is covered (EKG, nebulizer treatments, joint injections, lesion removal, etc.)
* Extended visits
* 24/7 access to physician via phone, text, Skype, email, Facetime
* Wholesale labs, radiology, and medications to be dispensed directly from the office
* Anything ordered applicable to HSA, FSA, and HRA


THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR INSURANCE.  It is highly recommended to keep a high deductible, low monthly premium insurance plan coupled with an HSA, HRA, and FSA to cover catastrophic medical issues including specialist care, ER visits, and hospitalization. Nationwide this model is what is saving patients the most of their precious dollars.Please go to our website to find out more of the services and benefits Green Hills Direct Family Health Care will provide you:



If you would like more information about the DPC model that is taking the country by storm, check out:

We look forward to continuing to provide you and your family with the best health care possible!