Lehigh Valley Zoo is getting new residents in 2016, with the addition of two Masai giraffes. Giraffes are becoming overwhelmingly popular with zoo lovers. Beyond the unique frame, long neck and African heritage is an engaging animal. The Masai giraffes’ home at Lehigh Valley Zoo will feature opportunities for zoo guests to get up-close and personal with the animals, who are easy to interact with through feeding stations that will be built into an elevated platform.

The Masai giraffe is the largest subspecies of giraffe and the tallest land mammal. There are fewer than 37,000 remaining in the wild, though recent reports of significant poaching and the bush meat trade would suggest the number is likely to be significantly less. The primary threat to the Masai giraffe is habitat loss as a result of the expanding human population. Lehigh Valley Zoo’s aim is to safeguard a population of giraffes in human care alongside a sustainable population in the wild.

During the Valentine’s Weekend Fundraiser over $3,000.00 were raised to help bring giraffes to the Lehigh Valley Zoo in 2016.


A.D.O.P.T. a Giraffe
When you adopt a giraffe you receive a plush giraffe, a personalized Certificate of Adoption, a Did You Know? fun fact sheet, photograph of the animal, a Lehigh Valley Zoo information brochure, and (2) Child Passes to the Zoo. Please see the Donations Options section below to adopt your giraffe.

Jeans for Giraffes
Local Businesses can help bring giraffes to the Lehigh Valley Zoo by promoting our new conservation pin for dress down days. Employees pay $5 for each day they wear the pin, which allows them to wear jeans to work. So pick up your pins today and proudly support the Zoo. The organization who raises the most money well receive a private giraffe feeding. *For individuals who want to proudly wear our new conversation pin for giraffes, simply visit our Gift Shop or Office to buy a pin for $3.

Jingle for Giraffes
Each participant will get a collection jar to raise money. The individual and organization who raises the most money will receive a private giraffe feeding. So come grab your jar and start collecting from your school, church, or work.

To get started with Jeans for Giraffes or Jingle for Giraffes contact Doreen at dcarl@lvzoo.org.