The 1758 Moravian Sun Inn


Quite a guest list back in the day!


Have a look back in time with a visit to the North side of downtown Bethlehem where still situated on Main Street stands the 253 year old Moravian Sun Inn.  Built by Moravians as a place to overnight those coming to Bethlehem to do business with the Moravian  craftspeople, the Inn, as a museum today,  allows us a glimpse into a long ago time when the likes of John Adams, George and Martha Washington, and  Marquis de Lafayette stayed when they came to town.


For guests with means the Inn offered Suites with sitting areas


A replica of the Lafayette chair

In the Gast-Stube, or gathering place see a replica of the chair Lafayette used as he sat by the fire recovering from wounds at the Battle of Brandywine.  Have a peek into what the overnight accommodations were like in suites that were one of a kind in the colonies, with sitting areas and two bedrooms for those that could afford that kind of comfort.  Did you know the second most common cause of death for women was fire in those days?  Peering into the kitchen you learn of the danger they faced as many had their clothing catch fire as they walked around the fireplace to cook.


Women had dangerous work near the fire in the kitchen


A colorful flag flies from the entry way

It doesn’t take long to explore the museum and you can pick up a pamphlet and do a self guided tour or talk to a volunteer that has interesting insights to share.  There are some historical items, books, and souvenirs for sale. Donations are appreciated and opportunities exist for volunteers.


Lovely stone with colonial red trim

The Sun Inn is available for event rental and a new chef will soon be affiliated with the property offering an exclusive menu.  To learn more visit The Moravian Sun Inn