Brynn  ElliotBrynn Elliott

Sunday, August 9
Sands Steel Stage at PNC Plaza
Price: $45 / $35 / Steel Terrace: $169

6:15pm Brynn Elliott
7pm Allen Stone
8:30pm O.A.R.

As an emerging artist to watch, she is in demand. Most recently, Brynn has toured with Brandi Carlile, Alanis Morissette, Wilson Phillips and Tyler Ward. Radio is quickly embracing her first EP, “Notions of Love,” and it’s currently playing on over 40 college radio stations. She is about to embark on two major summer 2015 tours with OAR and Allen Stone.

Brynn recently joined the line up of Courtney Cox, Nick Cannon, Snow Patrol, Queen Latifah and many more at the Bentonville Film Festival awards ceremony, which is being filmed and airs on CBS in July.

From early childhood, Brynn became captivated by art and music..” By late 2010, she was strumming her Dad’s old guitar and taught herself how to play piano within a year. In 2012, after the death of a loved one, she found her voice and rhythm as a songwriter. In the midst of sorrow, she found she needed a catalyst for understanding and a way to honor and mourn Marie’s passing. She locked herself in her bathroom and began to pick away at the guitar. Oddly, it wasn’t a sad melody she composed, but a joyful one. Though this loss her love of songwriting was born. Shortly thereafter, Brynn realized writing, songwriting and playing music was her calling.

After Brynn recorded a few of her songs with just her voice and her guitar in Atlanta, a family friend sent them to Clif Magness, a music producer who has worked with Quincy Jones, Wilson Phillips, Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson.

Two weeks before heading off to college, Brynn was invited by Magness to spend a year in Portland, Oregon to write and record with him. She decided to postpone her education to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The EP “Notions of Love” started to take shape.

The academic culture, which Brynn enjoys, not only influences, but also wonderfully infuses her music and creativity. Brynn balances her studies and music opportunities throughout the academic year and tours during the summer and school breaks. Although the schedule is demanding, Brynn embraces this exciting and hectic life of being a student and touring artist.

“For me, school and music are inseparable. They are two sides of the same coin,” she says. “The academic environment pushes me to think about my art. What do I want to say to the world and how should I say it? That question is what drives me to write.”