Tatiana, June, Sarah, & Perla, the "Role Models"

 Role Models: In All Her Glory

Photography by Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography

Fashions Conceptualized and  Styled by Cori McConnell, Lady Bow Tie

Role Models Stories by Janet Lauren O’Neill

This idea to showcase amazing everyday women has been swirling around my mind for years and has  manifested in this photography project, “In All Her Glory”.

Fascinated with the remarkability of so many women I’ve met over the years, I’ve desired to shine a light on their efforts, determination, accomplishments, and overall greatness that they exude with grace and style. With my camera and love of fashion I have the ability to capture these women as if in the pages of a fashion magazine. Thus is the aim of this project to find women that are role models, whose lives embody what young girls can dream to emulate. Remarkable, local women that make a difference in our world simply by being the best they can be!

Our first photo editorial, “Role Models; In All Her Glory” was brought about with the efforts of many local experts and professionals without whom I could not have created these inspiring photographic and personal profiles of amazing women! Thank you Cori, Jeff, Chris, Adam, Lisa, Yong, Autumn, Janet, Helene & Laura, Kate & Mel, Jennifer, Jane, Hannah, Tara, & Lyn!  Please check out detailed descriptions of all those that contributed at the end of the article.



June, In All Her Glory!


June Webre

Acknowledging June Webre’s long and impressive work history and career advancements is certainly enough to provide appreciation of her accomplishments to date but that credible information alone does not paint the full portrait of the wonderful success story of this alumni of Cedar Crest College.

Having served the Lehigh Valley for three decades and President of the Lehigh Valley regions Team Capital Bank, Webre also managed to lend her time and expertise as chair of the 2011 March for Babies Walk. In addition, she is a member of the board of directors and Revenue Committee for The March of Dimes and a Gala Committee member for the Valley Youth House. As a 2012 Red Cross Heroes’ Campaign Chair during the month of March, Webre happily saw the Campaign surpass the goal of $40,000 raising instead a remarkable $60,000. A proven active community member, Webre spent six years on the board of directors of the Alliance for Building Communities. In 2006 she was a loaned executive for the United Way of Lehigh Valley.

When asked what was her strongest motivating factor, her reply was the thought of failure. There is a note posted in her office that reads, “Failure is not an option, it’s just a nagging possibility that keeps me focused.” Being prepared for any obstacles that might arise, Webre strives to be solution focused; to fully understand the obstacle and not get discouraged but rather formulate a plan to overcome an impediment. Prioritizing is an important tool when workload overtakes her. Reminding team members that “cooler heads prevail” or “slow and steady wins the race” are two invaluable sayings in which Webre finds guidance.

As a proud member of the Lehigh Valley Regional Board of Directors for the Bank, Webre manages a team of Personal Banking Officers, Lenders and banking staff. Her advice to those in pursuit of their ambition is to stay positive, say “yes” to work/learning opportunities and understand that competition is fierce so try to differentiate yourself from the pack.

Her abilities, achievements and her concern and dedication to community make her an exemplary role model for all those seeking a career in the business world and desiring to make a positive impact on their community.

[box] June’s Look: Dress and purse by Jane Roncoroni Fine Clothing 74 West Broad Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018  Shoes by Shuze Shuze 610-419-8655 530 Main Street Bethlehem, PA 18018 Fascinator by Hannah Nour of Luscious Custard  Jewelry by Tara McConnell for Stella & Dot [/box]


Tatiana, In All Her Glory!

Tatiana, In All Her Glory!

Tatiana Tooley

You have only to look at Tatiana Tooley’s life resume, from her school days up to the present, to admire her pursuit of a variety of skills and interests that have helped hone a confident and accomplished woman.

At age seventeen she starting working on her first campaign by volunteering for the late State Representative Jack Pressman. During her internship she learned how government can bring about change in helping overcome the struggles of citizens by adjusting and assisting in saving the future of young people, the prosperity of families and by addressing injustice. Tatiana is strongly motivated to fight injustice with resistance.

Community Engagement Director for Allentown Promise Neighborhood, Board Member of the Neighborhood Health Centers of the Lehigh Valley, Board Member of The Latino Leadership Alliance, Community Member of the Allentown City Democratic Committee are only a few of the numerous organizations in which Tatiana has been active. The most dire needs of the community are being addressed by her concern, involvement and dedication.

Tatiana has had an exemplary role model embodied in her mother, whose own commitment to working to achieve her goals personifies the reward of dedication. Her mother instilled the importance of honesty and the wisdom of thinking for yourself to avoid negative influences.

Tatiana carries with her a long list of professional and activist achievements but even more importantly she credits her hero, Jesus Christ, for the guidance and strength that have sustained her through tragedies that have touched her life. She is a woman whose caring, involvement and resolve to make her community a better place in which to live are indications of the positive changes she has the ability to help bring about and no less important is the priceless inspiration she offers to those looking for hope.

[box]Tatiana’s Look:   Dress and shoes by Shuze Shuze 610-419-8655 530 Main Street Bethlehem, PA 18018  Jewelry by Tara McConnell for Stella & Dot   [/box]



Perla, In All Her Glory!



When Perla Lopez was a young girl living in Mexico, her native country, she loved to play with her grandfather’s camcorder.  This prompted him to tell her that one day she would become a reporter/journalist.  His prophesy became reality when Perla Lopez Baray began her career in journalism in the Southwest, studying journalism and Mass Communications at New Mexico State University.

The motivating factor that drives her the most is the opportunity to fulfill her purpose in life by making a difference in her community, remembering her Hispanic roots.  As a student at NMSU, she was acknowledged for her participation in the production, direction and presentation of a Spanish News segment of an English newscast.  Perla’s abilities and qualities caught the attention of KLUZ-TV, an affiliate of Univision in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It was here where she worked as a reporter and fill-in anchor.

When asked about the challenges that might impede her progress, she answered “ignorance and prejudice”.  Perla likens individuals to puzzles, “All the pieces are different but have an important part in the whole picture.”  A woman of faith, she prefers to think of obstacles as opportunities.  The tools that are most beneficial to her are praying and meditating everyday.  It was not easy for Perla to leave her family and friends in Mexico but the opportunity to be part of the only Spanish Edition in Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey brought her to Allentown.  It is here she plans to promote education and the richness of the whole spectrum of the Hispanic culture in the region.

Perla is an individual of many proud achievements including coming to this country, learning English, finishing her degree and being able to work passionately in the field of her endeavors.  She has also been successful designing and launching her own signature fragrance and starting her own business.  As impressive as her achievements have been, she considers her greatest achievement was to be able to accept Christ’s love and salvation almost nine years ago.

When inquiring who her heroes are she unequivocally answers her mother, her father and her grandparents.  They are the strongest, most supportive and loving people she has ever known and they’ve furnished the values and principles that she lives with and follows everyday.  She has only to call them to mind for encouragement whenever something negative or sad might occur.

Asked what counsel she would offer a young member of her community to stay encouraged in the pursuit of their dreams she answered she would like them to know they do have a purpose in life.  Even in difficult times, not to relinquish their passion or give up.   Never stop dreaming because with work, perseverance and preparation dreams really can come true.  She also sites being humble, optimistic and genuine.  Truly, Perla is a reflection of her very good advice.

Perla’s Signature Fragrance:

[box] Perla’s Look: Jacket, tank, jeans, shoes by SophistiKate – 574 Main Street * Suite 100 Bethlehem, PA 18018 * 610.865.2235 SophistikateBethlehem Jewelry by Tara McConnell for Stella & Dot   StellaDot/TaraMcConnell [/box]


Sarah copy

Sarah, In All Her Glory!


Sarah Sholette

Sarah Sholette is a young woman who is grounded in her determination to achieve success in the art education path she is pursuing.  At age seventeen, Sarah was greatly influenced as a high school senior by her art teacher who opened Sarah’s eyes to the healing powers of art.  Her teacher also offered unwavering support at a time in Sarah’s life when it was much needed.

It would be remiss to describe Sarah’s enthusiasm without mentioning the positive impact her parents played during the period of her constantly changing interests and dreams.  Their steadfast dedication of support and encouragement instilled in Sarah the desire to make them proud of her.  There are challenges she has met on her own but realistically she understands there are occasions when her own skill and knowledge base sometimes requires the necessity of calling upon others to achieve progress.  If you ask who her heroes are, without hesitation Sarah credits her remarkably supportive parents.

Intelligently conscious of limitations imposed on her because of her age and inexperience, Sarah cautiously takes time to mull over decisions and plan a worthwhile course of action when dealing with obstacles that might impede the advancement of her career path.  Sarah is an avid list maker.  It’s a process that keeps her organized and on target.

One of her proudest achievements occurred when she was just fifteen.  Submitting an essay, she applied for a scholarship through the company at which her dad was employed.  The prize was a summer trip to Australia and after the essay and interviews Sarah prevailed.  That accomplishment achieved on her own enabled her to grow both emotionally and spiritually.

When asked what advice she would offer to a young member of her community, Sarah responded by stating the importance of being true to yourself.  Even the smallest step in the direction of realizing your dream is an important one.  She realizes that not everyone is shown the support she has enjoyed and she cautions not to allow the negativity of others to diminish dreams and goals.

Good advice from a wonderful young lady well on her way to achieving her dreams.

[box] Sarah’s Look: Dress, jacket, handbags and shoes by Loose Threads 9 W 4th Street Bethlehem, PA 18015  LooseThreads  Jewelry by Tara McConnell for Stella & Dot  StellaDot/TaraMcConnell [/box]




Amazing “Role Models” In All Her Glory!

We who have been involved in this amazing project trust that viewers will find as much inspiration as we did in bringing forth these wonderful stories and photos of our four exceptional role models. We especially aim to inspire young people on the verge of beginning careers who may draw forth lessons of experience from those who have travelled a path to achievement.   We’ve chosen a variety of examples of success including minorities and an example of great achievement by someone to whom America was her second country.  It is important to convey to those on the threshold of finding their way that obstacles often cross the path on the way to achieving dreams.  Unforeseen snags or problems are not necessarily an impasse, but merely a delay along the way.  These examples of success are practical, sound and realistic because they are not without roadblocks and discouragement is not rare but something to be dealt with; something to overcome.


Shout Out’s to all our collaborators!

Cori McConnell, Fashion Stylist & Creator of Fashion Blog “LadyBowTie”

A match made in heaven as they say! Cori and I found each other online after I discovered her blog and began communicating with her.  We quickly formed a virtual friendship and inspired one another with our mutual love of fashion! After sharing my fashion editorial idea with her she immediately jumped on board with great ideas and connections and thus began our foray into the photo project “In All Her Glory”!

In her own words:  I have more than a few theories on style. LadyBowTie is a site designed to celebrate those thoughts on fashion, beauty, and fearlessness. LadyBowTie encourages positive self-esteem and freedom of expression through personal style. It also encourages a healthy relationship between fashion and your wallet. And last but not least, LadyBowTie is here to educate on aspects of the fashion and beauty industry through style news, street-style pics, interviews, trend/forecasting, articles, weekly series, and readers’ suggestions. ~Cori a.k.a.  LadyBowTie  “and,opening in June, online boutique ShopLadyBowTie

Janet Lauren O’Neill, Freelance Writer and Poet

She always has the right words, my mother Janet does! I remember being a young girl struggling with my vocabulary homework and she would come up with the greatest sentences that helped me learn the words and meanings far better than my textbook or dictionary.  Additionally her love of words and writing cultivated the same passion within me.  I don’t know anyone with a greater command of the language or that writes as eloquently, as succinctly, with a flow so enticing and rhythmic, like a river flowing downstream.

Autumn Yeagle, Photo Assistant Extraordinaire

My daughter Autumn worked with me for 9 years before leaving PA for her new life in Minneapolis! Fortunately for me she was in town for a friend’s wedding the weekend of our shoot and excitedly offered to reprise her old role as photo assistant. It was joyous and comforting to have Autumn back at my side for the shoot! Thanks A! I miss you cameragirl!

Jeffrey J De Angelis, Director of Sales & Catering,

Allentown Brew Works

Hamilton Room, High Gravity Lounge

Silk Lounge, Mezzanine Level

“FIVE” The New 5th Floor Catering Facility! Offsite Catering!

812-816 West Hamilton Street

Allentown, PA 18101

Jeffrey offered the use of “Five”- The New Fifth Floor Catering Facility at Allentown Brew Works.  Five is an exquisite space that overlooks the city of Allentown from the fifth floor of the Brew Works building.  With soaring ceilings, much natural light, subdued color scheme and glorious wood floors, this space was ideal to work in with our “Role Models”!  “Five” is truly an awesome venue for special events! Here’s hoping you get invited to an event, or even hold your own there very soon!

Jane Roncoroni Fine Clothing and Accessories

74 West Broad Street

Bethlehem, PA 18018

Women who like to shop will know exactly what that means. Jane Roncoroni, who spent years shaping the professional images of corporate and entertainment moguls, offers her fashion savvy, polish, and panache to customers of her Bethlehem, PA boutique.   Jane Roncoroni carries top-notch separates in casual, cruise and sophisticated styles from leading fashion designers. In addition, she offers scarves, hand bags, jewelry, hats, sweaters, and coats in the fall, and even the occasional feather boa or silky sequined blouse… everything from funky jeans to sexy satin.   Several times a year, the shop hosts trunk shows, where customers may place orders for made-to-measure pieces.  If you prefer to shop by appointment, Jane Roncoroni is one of the few places in the Valley where you can do so… and get professional fashion advice at no extra cost. Bethlehem may not be the Big Apple, but you’d never know it when you step into Jane Roncoroni’s. Visit our website: for our store hours and glimpse into our beautiful location on 74 W. Broad Street, across the hall from Edge restaurant.  If you are Facebook, “like us”!  We look forward to serving your every shopping pleasure need!

Shuze “The Unique Boutique”

Jennifer Mann – Owner
530 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA  18018


We make fashion fun right in the heart  of Bethlehem. You’ll find names you know and love and some brand names you’ve never seen before. We specialize in shoes, clothing, handbags, jewelry, accessories and fun with top notch customer service.


574 Main Street, Suite 100
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Located in the heart of downtown historic Bethlehem, Sophistikate is a women’s retail store inspired by Fashion as art, therapy, and just plain fun! Sophistikate brings a colorful palette of chic apparel to the Lehigh Valley while catering to the customer, paying close attention to the fit and quality of clothing, and having an extensive knowledge of brands and designers.

By carrying an excellent selection of clothing at all price points, Sophistikate makes sure that all women are afforded the luxury of beautiful clothing and exemplary customer service. To ensure the perfect fit of every piece of clothing, Sophistikate’s clients are offered the convenience of personal fittings with an on-site seamstress. In addition, our knowledgeable and friendly staff is available to provide a fashion consultation – whether you’re looking for an outfit for a special occasion, or simply a pair of jeans, we are glad to provide guidance.

We are also pleased to offer specialty services, such as private events and appointments, dine-in options, and custom buying.

Sophistikate is both proud and excited to carry pieces by Cluny, Beth Bowley, Plenty and also Willow and Clay; dresses by Nicole Miller; and denim by Adriano Goldchmied. We also have gorgeous shoes by Bettye Muller, Ivanka Trump and Marc Joseph to complete your look.

Every woman in the Lehigh Valley deserves the retail therapy they have always dreamed about. We are thrilled to announce that the search for that is over! Stop in to Sophistikate today to see what all the buzz is about…

Loose Threads Boutique

Helene & Laura
Loose Threads Boutique
9 W 4th Street
Bethlehem, Pa 18015

Loose Threads Boutique is your one-stop-shop for one-of-a-kind, casual to formal ‘wares and wardrobe essentials. Co-owners Helene Perucci and Laura Jasorka handpick each item—including women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories—from local designers and fair trade companies primarily in U.S. and Australian markets.  Both women share an extensive background in the arts and retail that has offered city chic to South Bethlehem since May 2009. Their taste for the eclectic is paired with the utmost personal service. Enjoy custom jewelry design, free alterations with each denim purchase and private fashion consulting every time you visit.  A Mecca for free spirits or simply just a place to go for brands you can’t find anywhere else, head inside and step out of the box.

LusciousCustard by Hannah Nour

Hannah Nour is a designer of distinctive and innovative headwear for the exceptional woman. Drawing inspirations from nature, music, literature, and her background as a performing artist, her designs evoke awe in the spectator and unparalleled confidence in the wearer. Trained at the Juilliard School and having travelled the world as a professional dancer, Hannah Nour draws upon the theatrical elements of the stage and translates them into wearable art. Her clients include brides, models, fashion designers, stage & television performers, professional dancers, musicians, NY Times bestselling authors, philanthropists & socialites. Hannah Nour and LusciousCustard enjoy an international following with clients in the US, Canada, London, Japan and Australia.

Tara McConnell for Stella & Dot

Provided  Jewelry

Lisa Chappell and Yong Mi Ha

Provided  Hair Styling and Make-up Artistry

Studio 950
950 Wyoming Street
Allentown pa 18103

Lisa Chappell,   Yong Mi Ha,

Lisa & Yong brought Cori’s visions to life precisely! From glamour girl, to rock star, to classic beauty, and diva, Lisa and Yong’s  hip styling and make up artistry transformed our Role Models into Fashion models for the day!  Surely the creations of this hair and makeup team contributed to the confidence of our Role Models as they stepped before the camera!

Hair and Makeup for June and Tatiana by Lisa Chappell

Hair and Makeup for Perla and Sarah by Yong Mi Ha

Lyn Hicks,  Harmony Hill Gardens

Provided  Set floral designs

1341 Mill Road
Sellersville PA 18960


Vibrant, sophisticated, organic flowers are grown by Lyn Hicks on her farm in Bucks County for weddings and green celebrations.Native flowers, natural elements and unusual bouquets tailored for your special day. Enliven your senses!!

Adam Temple & Chris Heilman,  Managers,

A.R.T. Productions

Provided  videography for Behind the Scenes Video, coming soon!

618 4th Avenue, The Loft
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Adam and Chris showed up together to film a behind the scenes video of our photo shoot.  Their expertise and personalities were a welcome addition to our team.  They jumped right in to help with test shots and light set ups.  These guys have true and special talent creating remarkable animations for their clients! So exciting to have film makers on this project!

[box] In All Her Glory is a Photography Project that is continuing on so if you wish updates follow us on Page to be updated soon with our happenings as we move forward! Do you know a woman that is deserving of the limelight? Drop us a message on Facebook please. Also looking for future collaborators and boutiques! Keep in touch and let us know what you think! Peace![/box]