The Poconos In B Flat   by Debbie Burke

The Poconos In B Flat shines a warm and loving light on the incredible jazz culture of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Through personal interviews, the book brings to life the unique insights, observations and motivations of a group of very talented musicians – including acclaimed National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Masters Phil Woods and David Liebman; Bob Dorough of Schoolhouse Rock! fame; and many others. This jazz microcosm is sure to have wide appeal outside its woodland borders, as the movers, shakers and future stars have already impacted the global community.


Debbie Burke….In her own words…

I came to jazz in midlife, and became aware of the jazz community here in the Poconos when I took up sax lessons in 2007 (a long-time dream of mine). The more I learned about the talent around me- including the greats like Bob Dorough, David Liebman and Phil Woods- and about the up-and-comers who have so much musical promise, I thought, somebody must have written a book about it. I mean, this is definitely a unique, vibrant and energetic music scene. When I looked around and found nobody had memorialized it in such a way, I decided to write the book that I would like to read about it. “The Poconos In B Flat” is not an encyclopedic approach to the subject, but a collection of personal perspectives from the musicians themselves. I interviewed over 30 people including musicians, educators and hospitality personnel since a lot of the burgeoning jazz scene really started in the resort lounges and continued on through the night at other venues.  If the book turns somebody onto jazz, or provides a positive and palpable sense of the richness of the jazz legacy here in the Poconos, I’ve achieved my goal.

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