FUZION 2012, an event that will show COMMUNITY is more than “what is up the street and around the corner”; WE are a WORLD COMMUNITY ! It will be held on 6/30/12 at The ALLENTOWN BREW WORKS in Downtown Allentown, PA.

FUZION 2012 promises to not only be a grand experience, but the organizers are dedicated to making this affair into an endeavor that will make an effective change in our communities by doing activities that get the area residents, merchants, and proprietors directly involved in quality, progressive and positive events.

The FUZION 2012 WORLD COMMUNITY EVENT will highlight:

– Innovative Art

– Avant-garde Fashion

– Cutting-edge Music

– Inventive Businesses

– Local, Regional, and National Community Groups / Organization

ALFONSO TODD & ASSOCIATES are currently seeking organizations, groups, and vendors to participate in this event. In addition, small/large businesses and community organizations are encouraged to come out, network, and meet the public.  Donations, volunteers, and contributors are always welcome and needed to make this project a success. If you would like to participate, become a sponsor, or obtain more information, contact:

 To learn more call:  484 619 6541  For immediate sponsorship and vendor information, please go to AlfonsoTodd.com  and download the packet.