IMG_2696By Erin D’Amelio

During my second to last week of classes, I tasked my Form 1 Unggul class to reflect on their experience with an ETA. Since it was their first time having an ETA in the classroom, they would be able to say firsthand what it was like to have one in the classroom. Sure, there was some copying, broken sentence structures, but I like to think that the sentiment was real. But I’ll let them do the talking. Here is a selection of their reflections:

Muhammad Fadzlihin: I like the classes with ETA because it is very interesting. I like learn anything new English language. I like English because English is very interesting and I can speaking English with my friends.

Nurul Syaqirah Nasha: I like learning with my ETA because she is very kind and good when she teaching in the class. I have anything new when I learn with my ETA. I love English because English is my favourite subjects. I like my English teacher, Miss Erin because she give me many anything new when she teaching. I will remember anything she teaching.

Nur Mariyam: I like the classes with ETA because I can learn anything new about this world. I love English because I want my English perfect and I can expert in SPM or PMR. Thank you ETA! I love English Teaching Assistant.

Syakirah: I like study at SMK PGAS because I can meet the last EAT at SMK PGAS. Our ETA name’s is Miss Erin D’Amelio. She have a cute face. She also beautiful. I like the classes with my ETA because I enjoy our classes. Furthermore, I can learn anything new. I was very happy. I like English because I can get new knowledge. After that, I like English because my English is better than before. This is because you TEACHER!!! Thank you!!!

Nur Sofea Alyssa binti Rosli: I liked the classes with my ETA because it make me happy and joyful. I have learn something new. I have learn how to comuniate with my friends in English language. My ETA was a pretty and a kind woman. I love English because it is fun and it gain my knowledge. My English is improve than before. Thank you teacher because teach me English.

Balqis Sakinah: About my experience with ETA, I am very like learn with my ETA. She is very happy and exciting. My ETA was have many good ideas to teach her class to make it fun. I can learn lots of new vocabulary with her. Beside, I have learn about hot to make a short essay, short stories and a poem’s. Sometimes, my EAT will make a game that can improve my English. Now, my English is better than before I learn with her. Thank you teacher because want to teach our class, but maybe sometimes we was really boring.

Nuraina Nasuha: I like learning with my ETA because she was very kind and helpful for the students. I has learn many new things with her. My favourite subject is English because it is very simple to learn and very interesting leanguage. My favourite learning with Miss Erin’s is when we playing game and waching movie togethers. I hopes the ETA will teaching at my school again. But it cant be…

Nazatul Nabihah bt. Mohamad Zaki: I love to learn with ETA because she can help me to speak English. She very funny at hostel and I can look picture in her laptop. She very sporting at my class. I can speak to the teacher and she can help me went I speak wrong words. I learn many words with teacher. Thank you teacher.

Afdlin Afifi bin Johar: I like have a ETA because she kind and fun. I learning a move new thing from she. I like learning English because is really important for me. I like it and I love it. Learn English can give me more meaning of English. I like having on ETA from America, because I like America.

Muhammad Shahrul Hafiz bin Zulaima: I love English because I can learn to talk in English. I like having an ETA from American because I can now about America’s history, about the christmast and anything about America. I like the classes with your ETA because my ambition is pilot. I want learn English anymore! Please teach me about English. I love English. I learn what is past tense. I love my teacher because she is beautiful and funny. If I can, I want you stay at here, SMK PGAS, please. That all from me. Thank you.

My name is Erin D’Amelio and I’m going to Malaysia for ten months as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Over the next 10 months I will be submitting regular journal entries of this incredible adventure, documenting my thoughts and experiences. The views and beliefs I will present in these articles are my own; they do not reflect those of the Fulbright Program or the U.S. Department of State. Below are the articles, in order of publication. Just click on any link and continue the journey with me.
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