Swerve Opens the SSFF tomorrow night, June 12th 8:00 P.M.


Directed by: Craig Lahiff

Drama/Thriller Feature | 2012 | 87mins

Australia – Cultural Highlight


About the film: Driving cross-country to a job interview, Colin plays it safe when he has car problems and takes a short cut to a one horse town. But as luck would have it, he comes across a fatal road accident. One of the drivers, Jina, is shaken, the other dead and beside him, a briefcase full of money. When Colin resists temptation and does the right thing, turning it into the local cop, his good deed causes a series of fateful events to unfold.

Screening Times:

Tuesday, June 12th at 8pm in Broughal Middle School

About the director: After graduating with a Masters in Film at Flinders University, Craig has worked as director and EP/Producer on seven films and telemovies and a number of documentaries. These include the Australian/ UK coproduction Black and White with Robert Carlyle, Charles Dance and Kerry Fox, and Heavens Burning starring Russell Crowe. Both films were festival hits at over thirty prestigious international film festivals.Craig is currently in post production on the neo-noir feature Swerve, with a stellar cast of rising Australian actors, Jason Clarke, Emma Booth and David Lyons. Craig wrote the fast-paced script and directed the film, which was shot in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia and the environs of Adelaide.The creative and storytelling elements of Craig Lahiff’s previous films are clearly encapsulated in the following reviews from respected critics.BLACK AND WHITE, about power, politics, the media and the Australian justice system, centered on the landmark 1959 legal case of aboriginal Max Stuart, and was a world-wide festival hit.

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