Local Musician John Beacher will perform at Godfrey Daniels along with LisaBeth Weber on Friday April 20, 2012.

Reserve your seats now for surely what will be an amazing show!

April 20th at Godfrey Daniels with LisaBeth Weber, Maggie Marshall, and John Beacher

Here’s a bit of a look at who he is and what he does, where to learn more about him, and  his new video release “Dance With Me”.


John Beacher is a gifted contemporary singer-songwriter, performer, and an original artist from New Hope, PA (formerly of Boulder, CO). He has the knack of drawing listeners into his provocative world of song and then astounding them with his vocal improvisations. His extraordinary ability to scat and vocalize in a jazzy, soulful, funky, rap-like style puts him in a category of those who have gone onto national success. His acoustic guitar playing is uniquely percussive and deeply rooted in rhythm. Within his performances there is something for everyone as he weaves in and out of musical genres with ease and cohesion. Lyrically, Beacher takes his listener on a poetic musical journey of life as he incorporates songs of spirituality, love, and humanity. As a live performer, Beacher has been invited to many music festivals where he was the only solo artist because of his incredible stage presence and ability to captivate his audiences. In more intimate settings you can see and feel the emotions running through his entire performance. John Beacher is simply a magnetic performer whose attraction to the listener is undeniable and powerful.

John Beacher has opened up for the following internationally known musicians including: The Marshall Tucker Band, Leon Russell, and The Fabulous Thunderbirds. He has also shared a stage with these up-and-coming and established artists including: Danielia Cotton, Fuzz (of Deep Banana Blackout), Paper Bird, and Elephant Revival.

John Beacher is similar to and often compared to the following contemporary mainstream artists: Dave Matthews, John Legend, John Mayer, Keller Williams and Jason Mraz.

John Beacher currently is host to a popular weekly open mic night called The Beacher Community Stage. His plans are for extensive touring from coast to coast in the next few years using New Hope and Boulder as his home bases.

Where to learn more about John Beacher and his music….

John Beacher Web Site


Sonicbids EPK.








This just in!  As a preamble to the LisaBeth Weber, Maggie Marshall, John Beacher show at Godfrey Daniels on April 20th….

Tune in this Sunday 4/8 (Easter Sunday night).  LIVE on the radio. WXPN 88.5 FM in Philly (also streaming live on www.xpn.org), on the GENE SHAY Show, between 9 & 10pm.   LisaBeth Weber Singing some of her new songs! Maggie can’t make it, so the amazing JOHN BEACHER will be joining LisaBeth on harmonies and guitar.

 John Beacher will be playing at……

Apr 5, 2012 Thursday 7:00 PM Stockton Inn Stockton, NJ, US

Apr 6, 2012 Friday 7:00 PM Manny Brown’s Langhorne, PA, US

Apr 7, 2012 Saturday 12:00 AM Private Gig Bucks County, PA, US

Apr 8, 2012 Sunday 9:00 PM Gene Shay’s Folk Show on WXPN 88.5 FM Philadelphia, PA, US

Apr 12, 2012 Thursday 7:00 PM Stockton Inn Stockton, NJ, US

Apr 19, 2012 Thursday 7:00 PM Stockton Inn Stockton, NJ, US

Apr 20, 2012 Friday 8:00 PM Godfrey Daniels Bethlehem, PA, US

Apr 26, 2012 Thursday 7:00 PM Stockton Inn Stockton, NJ, US

May 3, 2012 Thursday 7:00 PM Stockton Inn Stockton, NJ, US

May 9, 2012 Wednesday 6:30 PM Big Old Big One – Video Shoot Boston, MA, US

May 10, 2012 Thursday 7:00 PM Stockton Inn Stockton, NJ, US

May 11, 2012 Friday 12:00 AM Camp Marshall House Concert NJ, US

May 12, 2012 Saturday 8:00 PM Private House Concert Bucks County, PA, US

May 28, 2012 Monday 8:00 AM The DICK’S Sporting Goods BolderBOULDER Boulder, CO, US

Jun 15, 2012 Friday 8:00 PM Music at Snipes Farm: In and Out the Garden We Go Morrisville, PA, US

Jun 23, 2012 Saturday 12:00 AM PiggyPalooza @ Ross Mill Farm Rushland, PA, US

Jun 28, 2012 Thursday 8:00 PM Underground Artists Live Presents @ Jebon Sushi and Noodles New York, NY, US

Jun 30, 2012 Saturday 12:00 AM On the Rise Music and Arts Festival @ Blue Falls Grove Reading, PA, US

Jul 15, 2012 Sunday 12:30 PM Black Potatoe Festival Clinton, NJ, US

Jul 28, 2012 Saturday 12:00 PM Jammin’ For The Animals IV @ Blue Falls Grove Reading, PA, US