Morten & Nancy,  Karma!  in the windy city….

In their own words…

How did you meet each other?

We have the classic love story meeting – in a BAR!  In a way, we decided it was karma as neither of us was supposed to have been there.  I was living in Chicago and had left a party being hosted by a friend of my roommates because it was boring.  Morten had been doing a side job serving drinks at a PRINCE concert (Morten is from Denmark and he was in Chicago as an au pair to a handicapped 10 year old boy) and he and his friend just decided to go get a drink.  I was sitting at the bar and had been chatting for a while with the bartender’s wife.  People had been coming between us getting drinks all night long. Morten came between us, ordered drinks and paid the bartender and got his change. For some reason, when he did that, I quipped ”well if you aren’t going to buy me a drink, the least you could do is leave me the money for one.”.  He smiled, got his TWO drinks and left.  The woman I had been talking to looked at me and said ”Do you know him? Why did you say that?”.  I replied that I did not know him and I had NO IDEA why I said anything. About 20 minutes later, he came over and asked me to dance. Thus began our long lovely relationship!  When asked later why he asked me to dance, he said I was the only woman who had talked to him so he figured it was a good idea. It was karma!
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How long have you been together?

We have been together for 28 years…soon to be 29!

What do you love most about your partner?

Nancy:  I love his smile and his quirky sense of humor.  He is a kind, loving and generous man who keeps my crazy side in check.

Morten:  Her patience, levelheadedness, laughter and beautiful smile. I am not always the easiest to get along with, but Nancy and I just always seem to get along and work well together.


What is the most romantic thing you have each ever done for each other?

Nancy:  The 2 most romantic moments I remember are during our wedding ceremony when he got so choked up he couldn’t get his vows out and then AGAIN when we took a trip to Vermont for a renewal wedding ceremony one Valentine’s day, the same thing happened.  I cried!

Morten:   I also thought our trip last year to Cooperstown and Niagara Falls as well as the trip to Denmark this Fall were really nice and romantic, just the two of us on an adventure in the big World.

Do you have a favorite local spot to go for a special night out?

We try to frequent local eateries when we go out – Buckeye Tavern is a favorite! And the Farmhouse in Emmaus

 What is your favorite way of celebrating your anniversary?

Our anniversary tends to be a time when major life events occur…child surgery, Morten’s back surgery in 2002, closing on a home, buying cars…. Just happens that way! We celebrated our 1st and our 25th in Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen…which is very neat! The last few have been happily celebrated at our favorite vacation spot in Pawley’s Island South Carolina.

 What 3 words or phrases describe your relationship?

Nancy: Always fun, very loving and incredibly special!

Morten: A great partnership, supportive and romantic

What are you favorite things to do together?

We both do theater and we also are building a real estate investment portfolio together!

Can you think of anything else you want to say about your relationship?

It means everything to have Morten in my life, sharing experiences and being loved by him!

I would be lost without her, she is my World.


 Thank you Morten and Nancy for sharing your story!  You guys are awesome!  Here’s to another 28+ years of  joyful romance together!

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 All Images of Nancy and Morten by Terree Yeagle of The Moment Photography.  All rights reserved.