cropped-WebartnewGRAVEYARD_LOVERS_BW_22_RT-1024x819The spirit of rock ‘n roll is exhumed, drenched in heavy blues riffs,  smeared with earthy grit by Brooklyn’s Graveyard Lovers and on stage for this FREE concert Saturday, August 24th from 8:30 to 11 PM at SteelStacks Air Products Town Square Stage in Bethlehem.  Comprised of Zach Reynolds (guitar,vocals), Tricia Purvis (Drums), and Orion Wainer (Bass), the three intertwine their deepest, darkest melodies and passionate forces on their 2013 release, Dreamers.

Ranging from dynamic “Manifesto,” slinky “Blessed Are the Ties that Bind,” ethereal “The Island,” to punky “Nameless,” Graveyard Lovers explore a spectrum of influences on Dreamers. Essences of Jack White, The Black Keys and Band of Skulls can be heard as the trio foster and grow their roots into Louisiana-blues-infused grunge-rock for a modern age.

Graveyard Lovers is in fact the story of lovers. A lifelong musician, Reynolds moved from New Orleans to New York in 2009 pursuing a solo career. In the Big Apple, he met and began dating Purvis. At the time, Purvis had been taking drum lessons for five years, a passion instigated by her friend Leah Shapiro of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Beyond romantic sparks, Reynolds and Purvis found they shared undeniable musical chemistry that became Graveyard Lovers in late 2010, and they released their first self-titled EP in November 2011. After heavy gigging through 2012, the garage rock duo began recording their first full length album at Will Benoit’s Radar Studios. Enter Orion Wainer: veteran touring bass player (Coyote Kolb/Constants) and producer (Will Benoit.) Upon hearing the first mixes, Wainer immediately wanted to share the Graveyard Lovers experience, morphing the band into a solid power trio.  You can see and read more at