Bethlehem, PA –  The Downtown Bethlehem Association is taking on

the Location-based Social Networking Site: Foursquare. Just last week, Foursquare released a study,

citing Bethlehem as number “2” in a list of top ten LEAST romantic cities in the country. Foursquare’s

rankings is based off of 4.5 billion check-ins at locations deemed “romantic”. (Such as French wineries, lingerie shops, etc.)

The study has picked up some momentum and gained the attention of Bethlehem residents, especially after Kelly Ripa announced the ranking on Live with Kelly early Monday morning (Feb 13th).  Angered Bethlehem residents contacted the Downtown Bethlehem Association staff,

expressing their complaints, and belief that the Christmas City is in fact one of the most romantic

cities in the country. Many residents explained that they had been born in Bethlehem, met and

married their spouse here, and continue to reside in the city.

To further disprove the study, downtown Bethlehem merchants created a Week of Romance in

Bethlehem (a month before the study was even released), allowing couples and singles to enjoy

special menus, tastings, and discounts in the downtown shops and restaurants throughout the whole

week of February 11-18.

To refute the claims Foursquare has made, the Downtown Bethlehem Association has released a

video mockery of the Site—depicting a young couple who is celebrating Downtown Bethlehem’s

Week of Romance. In the story, the young male in the film wishes to propose to his girlfriend during

Bethlehem’s Week of Romance.  However, he is constantly interrupted from doing so, because of her

addiction to “checking-in” on Foursquare at every romantic setting in Bethlehem. Lucky for the him,

there are so many romantic places and things to do in Bethlehem; he is finally able to propose!

For more information about the Downtown Bethlehem Association, and to view the video, visit

Downtown Bethlehem Association