May 20, 2017 @ 11:15 am – 12:15 pm
Aikido Masters Self-Defense Academy
2010 Eberhart Rd
Whitehall, PA 18052
David Nemeroff

Did you ever want to be a ninja? If you were anything like me, as a young child I would watch Saturday kung-fu theater and then go outside pretending to battle rival clans while using eclectic martial arts weapons to defeat them. Well, fast-forward over thirty years and now that childhood fun is a reality.

The National Ninja Throwing League is the first of its kind in regards to modern weapon throwing. Imagine an event where you can go, have a blast with friends, and test your skill with shuriken (throwing stars and spikes) against others like you. People can compete on a national level, become part of the association, and even earn a certificate displaying their league ranking. If competing is not your thing, just come, have some no pressure fun, and bring your inner ninja. So no matter whether you want to throw for fun or compete in the National League, there is something for you.

Traditionally, shuriken were concealed sharpened projectile objects thrown at an opponent as a method of distraction during combat and/or to deliver poison or toxins into his bloodstream. Today, National Ninja Throwing League members test their skill by trying to hit various targets, using different throwing techniques, and speed throwing.

Want to add another unique dimension to your dojo and create dojo pride? Tired of the same old tournament scene? Martial arts school owners can apply to be a sanctioned event holder. This is a great way to stand out from other schools in your area and reinvigorate students. Schools can also create throwing teams whose names will be listed on the association website gaining notoriety for your school.

Visit the association website www.NinjaThrowingAcademy.com (coming soon) to find out more information and see where and when the next event is being held. The first event of the season is Saturday, May 20th at Aikido Masters Self-Defense Academy in Whitehall, PA. You can also contact David Nemeroff at 484-245-0567 for any questions you may have or to register.

Martial artist and four-time published author David Nemeroff created the National Ninja Throwing League to promote shuriken throwing in a fresh, fun and exciting way, bringing ancient traditions to the modern world. No experience is necessary. Ages 14 & up.